Jamie sees Newcastle as having difficulty finishing in the top four this season.

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Former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp thinks this year will be very difficult for Newcastle. And it would be an incredible achievement if they were able to finish in the top four again.

Newcastle lost to Spurs 1-4 last Sunday. The team is now in 7th place in the standings with 26 points from 16 games and has lost 6 games. Compared to last season where they only lost 5 games throughout the season ทางเข้า UFABET 

In Redknapp’s view, this season’s competition is much more difficult than last season. And if Eddie Howe can lead the team to finish in the top four again. It would be an incredible success. Incredible

Radknapp said: “Do I think it’s harder than last season? To be honest, I think when you look at the other teams in the top four, it’s a lot more difficult.”

“You look at Tottenham, they are obviously better than they were last season. Every team has raised the level. They have to deal with playing in the Champions League and that makes it even more difficult.”

“So I think if they can finish in the top four. It would be an incredible achievement. Let’s see where they end up. They are out of sight for me.”