Blackjack Card Game Payout Rates

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Blackjack Card Game Payout Rates.

Blackjack is another popular card game in online casinos and UFABET will talk about the topic. Winning Payout Rates and Basic Methods of BLACKJACK Card Game.

BLACKJACK card game

BLACKJACK is a card game. Which makes the face numbers together as close to 21 as possible or complete 21 points, thus the winner. If the total face of cards exceeds 21, it will considered losing immediately.


  1. Player bets
  2. The dealer first deals 1 card to each player and then distributes it to himself. In which the player gets 2 cards each, the dealer gets 1 card or 1 card face up, 1 card face down (the player’s cards must always be face down)
  3. If the player’s two cards total the points on the cards are still very far from 21, an unlimited number of cards can be called. but if the points on the cards exceed 21, lose immediately (calling cards one by one in order The dealer calls the card last)
  4. BLACKJACK RULES The dealer will call at least 17 points. If the player gets points from 16 and down, it is considered losing to the banker.
  5. If the player is satisfied at 16 can stop. Waiting for the dealer to get more than 21 points, the player will win.

BLACKJACK payout rate

  • Normal win, payout ratio is 1:1.
  • Blackjack wins have a payout ratio of 3:2.
  • Insurance bets If the dealer’s card is an Ace, the insurance must be doubled. If the dealer’s card is Blackjack will be paid half of the bet There is a payout ratio of 2:1, but if the dealer doesn’t get it, BLACKJACK will lose the insurance money immediately.
  • Collect first if the player gets a blackjack and the dealer’s first card is an A and chooses to collect first, regardless of the banker’s card value. Player will bet 1x, payout ratio is 1:1.