Tea with great benefits that you should drink regularly.

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Tea is probably another beverage that has widely consumed for thousands of years and the type of varies from region to region. Makes for an interesting flavor. And it is still popular to drink all over the world until now. In addition to the taste and aroma. It is used to make beverages, desserts, food and various products already have a variety. If going back to drinking tea directly from leaves. Only dried tea leaves and hot water. This will benefit your body as much as you might not expect.

Helps prevent cancer

Tea is a plant that contains many antioxidants, both green tea and white tea. But white has more antioxidants if “lemon” is add to it. Research in the laboratory has found that. Can inhibit the growth of many types of tumors. UFABET Including cancer cells Evidence that inhibits the growth of many tumors.

For longevity

A research on the relationship between drinking green tea and all-cause mortality among 90,914 Japanese people aged 40-69 years. Followed up for 18.7 years, with 12,874 deaths. The more cups of green tea you drink per day. The lower the mortality rate, the less drinkers or no drinkers, which were most associated with cardiovascular mortality.

Helps prevent diabetes

A 12 metaanalysis study looking at the association between consumption and diabetes risk found that drinking 3 or more cups a day was associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

Lowers blood pressure and lowering cholesterol

A randomized comparative review of 1,536 people found that reduced blood pressure slightly (1.94 mmHg), moderately (8%) lowered total and LDL cholesterol.

Strengthens teeth

A cross-sectional study to determine the relationship between tea consumption and Against the occurrence of tooth loss among 25,078 Japanese people aged 40-64. It was found that drinking one or more cups a day was associated with a reduced risk of tooth loss.